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Your company needs a sound, secure, cost-effective and environmentally friendly IT asset disposition (ITAD) partner. Our team has the experience, certifications, and know-how to get you there — with a uniquely custom approach to ITAD programs, IT asset inventory management, and secure destruction.

Here’s an inside view into our secure ITAD expertise, including detailed white papers on the important issues facing our industry today. You’ll also find case studies from our customers — learn why they chose Sipi Asset Recovery as their ITAD partner of choice. And our blog helps you keep up to date on industry trends and constantly evolving technology.

ITAD Case Studies

  • Securing Healthcare Data with Transparent ITAD Solutions

    Securing Healthcare Data with Transparent ITAD Solutions

    Sipi Asset Recovery specializes in creating and executing ITAD plans for healthcare organizations, with a particular focus on data security.Protect your data with Sipi
  • Sipi plays starring role in animation studio’s ITAD process

    Sipi plays starring role in animation studio’s ITAD process

    “We had conversations with a few ITAD companies and conducted trial runs with all of them. Sipi was the clear winner,” the IT asset manager said. “Less errors, much faster turn-around, clear documentation and reporting.”How we did it
  • When it comes to asset disposition: look beyond the RFP

    When it comes to asset disposition: look beyond the RFP

    A financial services company experienced the Sipi difference after learning why RFP's for IT asset disposition services sometimes miss the mark — and why going beyond can result in surprising results. See What Happened
  • Partnership Creates ITAD Synergy

    Partnership Creates ITAD Synergy

    "Synergy" is a bit of a buzzword, but it became real for one of our customers. Through providing flexibility for ITAD solutions that large vendors simply can't (or won't) our team created unique, measurable benefits.See how we're different
  • On-site Datacenter ITAD Management

    On-site Datacenter ITAD Management

    Large companies operate datacenters at a scale that's difficult to imagine — and in 2019 and beyond, the challenges for data security are mounting. The Sipi team found a way to balance short refresh cycles with rock-solid security and compliance, thanks to our specialized expertise.How it was done
  • ITAD and ITAM Blog

    ITAD and ITAM Blog

    Our blog is the place to be for ITAD/ITAM professionals. Learn about trends, data security challenges, the benefits of true ITAD partnership, and how the constant evolution of technology is changing the way assets are handled.Get up to speed

ITAD White Papers


Successful ITAD Companies Adapt, Align, and Become More Agile to Meet Changing Customer Demands

“Goal Zero”. Sustainability. Renewable energy. Circular economy. Brand reputation. Data security. These are the key themes for major technology manufacturers today as they embrace social responsibility as a core value in their brands’ reputation. Modern ITAD companies now play a critical role in the manufacturer’s value chain.

Data Destruction Requirements in Today’s Hyper-Risk Environment

Re-purposing or physical disposal of hardware has never been more complex. While the four proven methods have not changed significantly, their level of precision and reliability has. Principally, regulations that govern treatment of data, which in turn affects each method’s appropriateness, have become more exacting.

Overcoming the Challenges of ITAD Transportation

Transporting end-of-life IT assets securely, safely and economically can be a challenge. In the article, we offer recommendations for you, the carrier and the ITAD service provide to help make the transportation process go as smoothly as possible.

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