Sipi Inventory-as-a-Service (INVaaS)

Why every business needs Inventory as-a-Service (INVaaS)Infographic 4 reasons why your company may need inventory as a service.

A full service INVaaS (Inventory as-a-Service) program captures all pertinent asset information right from the beginning. Of course, most companies start out that way! However, inventory data becomes distorted over time by non-reported losses, theft, malfunctioning assets, or IT staff changes. In addition, as businesses thrive and grow, more devices are acquired — meaning that IT support may not have the resources to keep up with demands, even worse, inventory audits and other best practices simply don’t happen.

This inventory scenario leaves growing discrepancies that will eventually turn into insurmountable risks to your company’s data security, brand, and reputation. 

With Sipi Asset Recovery’s INVaaS program we will ensure that doesn’t happen by providing inventory audit services, reporting and consulting to provide solutions for your inventory challenges such as:

  • Where exactly are our assets?
  • Do we have assets we didn’t even know about?
  • How do I determine what to do with my assets during our next refresh cycle?
  • Is there a way to know before my assets start to lose their value?
  • How can I keep up on my inventory cycle after cycle?

Why choose Sipi Asset Recovery?

Sipi Asset Recovery is uniquely equipped to provide both a specialized IT asset inventory management capability along with a full portfolio of secure destruction and IT asset disposition services.

Through this combination of programs and services, Sipi can:

  • Alleviate unique audit challenges such as a lack of resources or monitoring tools
  • Provide maximum value recovery from start to finish
  • Guarantee the ultimate level of data security for your assets
  • Protect the value of your inventory through ongoing monitoring and management
  • Provide peace of mind at every level of data destruction, including FIREMELTTM if required.

Why It Matters To You

For decades, Sipi Asset Recovery has been working with executives, IT and data security professionals around the world. It’s important to us to bring the personal touch to every one of our partners.

Your role is in Asset Management

Case: You are a superhero, and that is exhausting. You are responsible for the daily and long-term strategic management of hardware assets through their lifecycle. You develop and implement procedures for tracking company assets, while overseeing quality control. You are also responsible for reconciling hardware inventory discrepancies to avoid data security risks.

Sipi INVaaS Solution: We know how challenging it is to track down every data-bearing asset in your organization. With Sipi’s auditing capabilities, our expert technicians will do the tracking for. You will receive a comprehensive database of information that will help to verify the known assets, the not found assets and the assets you didn’t know you had. With the ongoing services and monitoring in an INVaaS plan, you will have the data and reporting to help determine when to dispose of assets as well as protecting active inventory.

Your role is in information security

Case: You provide guidance and direction about how data security risks can be mitigated or reduced using information security controls. You know that security risks don’t end once an asset is taken off line, you are responsible for ensuring that your company’s data is 100% secure all the way through disposition.

Sipi INVaaS Solution: Our best-in-class secure asset disposition options can be integrated into your INVaaS program, working together to protect your brand and minimize risk. INVaaS will simplify your audits, keep you compliant, and guarantee your data is safe – all the way up to 100% destruction through Sipi FIREMELT.


Your role is in information technology

Case: You are responsibilities include developing your company’s strategy for using technology resources. You ensure that technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely.  You are the one that examines the short- and long-term technology needs of your organization; when to upgrade to the latest. You know your way around regulatory compliance and intellectual property, forcing a need for exemplary data security.

Sipi INVaaS Solution: You will receive a detailed, on-demand picture of your organization’s IT assets, which is crucial for developing strategic plans that look to the future. With INVaaS you will have the tools to feel confident that your assets are securely handled from discovery through disposition, including certificates of destruction and recycling.

YouR role is in Finance

Case: Your role spans more than just finance. You are core to the company’s long-term strategy. Plus, you must grow revenue and reduce corporate risk amongst a rapidly evolving security landscape. It is up to you to make sure that the use of essential tools is helping your company achieving broader efficiency goals which is even more relevant as the relationship between finance and IT grows.

Sipi INVaaS Solution: Understanding the big picture of your IT asset investment is made easier for you with Sipi’s INVaaS — You will gain insight into FMV vs. NBV with our audit process, giving you the results to make decisions to maximize your ROI. With INVaaS you will be able to manage costs and profitability through reoccurring inventory services and ITAD solutions.

How Sipi’s Inventory as-a-Service works Inventory as-a-Service

Step 1. Define Requirements

We help you Define Requirements, deciding on which devices to be included, which physical locations need to be visited, reporting specifics and the frequency of inventory audit services.

Step 2. Document a Plan

We Document a Plan with a description of services to be performed, resources to be provided and expectations for results.

Step 3. Onboarding Process

Through the Onboarding Process we will share information, review account set up information, finalize dates, times, logistics and identify team reps, all before services begin.

Step 4. Services are Performed

We will deploy the specified resources to your location(s) to take a physical inventory and assure that the appropriate asset data is collected and recorded as Services are Performed.

Step 5. Reports

We will prepare comprehensive Reports to help verify any discrepancies, create a value assessment and provide a clear vision of your asset inventory from manufacturer to location to value.

Step 6. Decision Analysis

During Decision Analysis we will walk through the reports and discuss refresh options taking into account the requirements that were set for the program.

Step 7. Next Steps

You will decide Next Steps, we will help you with the process, whether your program requires responsible recycling, redeployment back into the workforce or capturing value through remarketing.

Step 8. IT Asset Disposition

Working with Sipi as your IT Asset Disposition partner will help to mitigate the risks associated with data security and responsible recycling.

Step 9. Repeat

How frequently to Repeat this process must be based on the refresh cycle to obtain maximum value return from your inventory.


Each cycle will, of course, always be inclusive of your risk and environmental objectives and assuring compliance to your company requirements.

We are ready to help you do better things with your time and provide you with the data and knowledge to make valuable decisions regarding your assets.