Metals & Materials

Accurate Recovery. Engineered Perfection.

To recover the most value from precious metals in your manufacturing process, mining operations, or e-scrap, call on the refining experts at Sipi. Customers trust us worldwide for superior recoveries, quick settlements and full documentation for environmentally responsible processing.



Sipi’s World Class Metals Lab Delivers Accurate Sampling, Technical Precision.

Sipi has decades of scientific knowledge and technical expertise in Fire Assay and a myriad of wet chemical analytical techniques for precious metals and brass analysis. Sipi’s world-class metals laboratory is one of just a few worldwide that is ISO/IEC 17025:2005-certified for precious metals and gravimetric copper analysis.

The lab’s cutting-edge technology includes ICP-OES instruments capable of detection down to part per million. These are used in conjunction with a wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescent spectroscopy instrument (WDXRF) capable of analyzing precious metals and various brass alloys.

Sipi also uses a Spark-OES, that combined with the ICP-OES and WDXRF, is used to analyze the many ASTM and proprietary brass alloys that we manufacture.

Confidence is Built by Clean Data, Triple Checked.

Our in-house Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) automatically captures the data from the instrumentation where we can manage the system. It also performs a check on the overall quality of the results, which typically come from samples run in duplicate or triplicate in order to confirm results before they are reported to production or our customer service department.

No One is More Accurate than Sipi.

Earning ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification is a rare and lofty achievement for a metals testing and calibration laboratory. The accuracy of our precious metals analysis has been accredited to vary less than 0.3 relative percent. With this unrivaled technical and analytical competence, Sipi provides customers the assurance that the analysis of their material adheres to all international best practices.