About Sipi

A Letter from our CEO, Marion Cameron


Welcome to Sipi Corporation. Over the course of more than a century we have witnessed global economic highs and lows while maintaining a steady course to become a recognized leader in refining, recycling and reusing the world’s most valuable materials.

As we celebrate our 115th year, we are privileged to serve a wide range of customers from Fortune 1000 companies to owner-operated businesses in diverse industries from aerospace & technology to healthcare & financial services.  These are customers who demand maximum recovery value of their end-of-life materials, require new alloy production engineered to exacting standards, and / or seek assurance for the certified safe and secure destruction of materials that contain sensitive data.  Our customers partner with us to protect their brand reputations through good environmental stewardship and industry leading security.

Today, we operate four key lines of business:

Precious Metals

Our roots are in refining.  With over a century of accumulated metallurgical science, we recover maximum value from precious metals contained in manufacturing byproduct, e-scrap, mining and other materials.

Engineered Alloys

Sipi produces the most technically precise, highest-quality engineered alloy products for artisans, commercial, and industrial use.

Enterprise IT Asset Disposition

Sipi IT asset disposition services help businesses navigate the disposition challenges of surplus technology. Whether refurbishing units for resale, recycling responsibly or reclaiming the inherent precious metals, we excel at extending or recovering value from technology assets—while maintaining the highest levels of physical and data security.

Secure Data Destruction

The end of an IT asset’s life doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the asset’s data.  Sipi is the only firm in the US that can provide four levels of secure data destruction to fit any disposal challenge to ensure peace of mind.

Our customers see Sipi as a true partner for their end-of-life solutions.  We often can find new sources of recovery value through our years of experience and extensive scientific knowledge and love to tackle the thorniest of problems.  Give us a call.

Chief Executive Officer

Why work with Sipi?

Real-World Value Recovery Experts

Our consultants can help you find new opportunities to maximize the value of surplus or obsolete equipment, manufacturing waste, mining byproduct and e-scrap.   Our engineers and metallurgists stand ready to help you solve the most difficult recovery challenges.

One Stop, Fully Integrated Operations to Meet Today’s Circular Economy

We process valuable waste material to recover precious metals, produce engineered alloys, securely recycle or re-purpose IT assets in a closed loop system that is kind to the environment.

State-of-the-Industry Technology Drives Accurate Results and Maximum Value

We have continually invested in industry leading technology and scientific expertise to keep pace with today’s rapidly accelerating pace of change.

Accuracy Ensured

Sipi’s metal refinery customers require the utmost accuracy in the testing that establishes values for settlement and production controls of precious metals and copper alloys. Our ISO/IEC 17025:2005-Accredited facility combines in-house metallurgical expertise with cutting-edge technology including inductively coupled plasma spectrometry, classic fire assay, wet chemical determination, and wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.

Recover Every Last Nugget

Sipi has developed unique processes for gold and silver ore refining customers who need help reclaiming value locked up in by product they cannot recover efficiently themselves. By combining our custom-built equipment with our metallurgic science, we can turn what would otherwise be lost opportunity into revenue

Fast and Responsive Customer Service

  • Full Logistics Support
    Full services for collecting material for processing and delivering finished goods.
  • Complete Traceability with Online Tracking
    Sipi’s asset recovery customers need full visibility and documentation to meet environmental and industry demands. With our online tools customers can track assets from the moment they leave the facility until final resolution and provide a documented and auditable trail. Learn more about online tracking from Sipi Asset Recovery.

Meets Highest Industry Standards for Quality and Environmental Responsibility.

Certified to ISO 9001/14001, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited, e-Stewards and R2 standards.