precious metal assays on a tray

Precious Metals

Sipi assures customers of the most accurate value recovery of precious metals in their material and personalized service combining quick settlements and ISO 14001 certified environmentally responsible processing.

  • personal attentionHigh Touch Customer Service

    High Touch Customer Service

    We work hard to make things easier for our customers. When we arrange a pickup, it’s at a firm time — usually within a few hours of the order.
  • gold barsHigh Capacity Operations

    High Capacity Operations

    Sipi has the capacity to treat tens of thousands of tons of precious metal bearing scrap material per year.
  • metals pouring into ingot formsMaximum Value Recovery

    Maximum Value Recovery

    Many manufacturers and de-manufacturing operations struggle to identify all potential sources for reclaiming precious metals from their operations. Sipi provides expert on-site assistance to help identify ways to maximize precious metals recovery.
  • accurate assaysAccurate Assays

    Accurate Assays

    Sipi’s high-tech metallurgical laboratory adds precision and confidence to your precious metals settlement.
  • timely payouTimely Settlements

    Timely Settlements

    We deliver settlements quickly for maximum returns and minimal hassle.
  • secure data destructionReliable & Secure

    Reliable & Secure

    Sipi is a reliable, secure and environmentally responsible service provider. We are committed to environmental responsibility and are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited.

Markets we serve

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Many manufacturers incorporate precious metals within their products or in their manufacturing processes. However, a portion of that material doesn’t make it into the final product or it becomes diverted into byproducts. Sipi delivers tailored plans and end-to-end assistance for recovering value from these assets in an environmentally friendly manner.


E-scrap collectors can sell their material outright to a 3rd party or send it to Sipi to have it refined on a lot by lot basis. Precious metals returns from electronics are constantly changing. Our role is to determine the true value of each lot by our disciplined sampling and refining process.

Other precious metals refiners

Specialty precious metals refiners frequently rely on Sipi to further process their material. Sipi offers unique capability for refiners who need a proven downstream refining partner.

Precious metal mining companies

Mining companies typically extract 90% of the gold or silver recoverable in their materials. The remaining percentage, however, often remains out of reach, tied up in by-product that require more specialized handling. Sipi offers smart, efficient ways to reclaim as much value from that by-product as possible.


Types of scrap we treat:

  • Printed Circuit Boards & Electronic Components
  • Integrated Circuit Chips and Modules
  • Connectors (Production & Finished Goods)
  • Electrical Contacts & Brazing Products
  • Laboratory Equipment (Platinum Crucibles, etc.)
  • Mining By-Products
  • Wastewater Treatment Sludges
  • Resins
  • Refining By-Products (Crucibles, Slag & Baghouse Dust)
  • Conductive Inks & Pastes
  • Plating Solutions
  • Plating Residues
  • Jet Engine Components
  • Petrochemical Catalysts
  • Fuel Manifolds
  • Cell Phone (Production & End of Use)
  • Network Equipment Components
  • Silver Batteries (Non-Mercury)
  • Medical Devices (Hearing Aids Etc.)
  • Capacitor Production By-Products